Taking degrees of truth seriously

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Josep Maria Font
Title: Taking degrees of truth seriously
Journal: Studia Logica
Volume 91
Pages: 383-406
Year: 2009


This is a contribution to the discussion on the role of truth degrees in many-valued logics from the perspective of abstract algebraic logic. It starts with some thoughts on the so-called Suszko's Thesis (that every logic is two-valued) and on the conception of semantics that underlies it, which includes the truth-preserving notion of consequence. The alternative usage of truth values in order to define logics that preserve degrees of truth is presented and discussed. Some recent works studying these in the particular cases of Lukasiewicz's many-valued logics and of logics associated with varieties of residuated lattices are also presented. Finally the extension of this paradigm to other, more general situations is discussed, highlighting the need for philosophical or applied motivations in the selection of the truth degrees, due both to the interpretation of the idea of truth degree and to some mathematical difficulties.