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Welcome to the page of the working group on Mathematical Fuzzy Logic, the MathFuzzLog, founded in September 2007. Its aims are to conduct and promote the research in Mathematical Fuzzy Logic understood as a bunch of formal systems of non-classical logics as established after Hájek's monograph, Metamathematics of Fuzzy Logic.

MathFuzzLog is a working group of EUSFLAT (European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology). All members of the group are encouraged to become also members of EUSFLAT.


Former Coordinators (2007 -- 2016)

This official page of the MathFuzzLog is intended to be written collaboratively by the members of the group, in the style of Wikipedia. We expect to obtain a useful site for all researchers in Mathematical Fuzzy Logic around the world, with relevant information about the topics under the scope of the group, the main publications, information about the researchers and their institutions and activities, etc. Therefore all members are kindly encouraged to edit the entries and add new ones following our guidelines.

Web administrator

Former Web administrator

New reference books

  • P. Cintula, P. Hájek and C. Noguera (eds). Handbook of Mathematical Fuzzy Logic, Studies in Logic, Mathematical Logic and Foundations, vol. 37, 38 and 58, College Publications, London, 2011.

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If you are doing research in some of the topics under the scope of the group, you are encouraged to join the MathFuzzLog. Click here!