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The FCT project is an open project with the aim to formalize and advance formal fuzzy mathematics within a unified axiomatic framework, based on the methodology of Petr Hájek. Henkin-style higher-order fuzzy logic LPi is proposed for the foundational theory.


People involved in the project are listed on this site under the category Category:FCT researchers. The category is intended to include all people who wrote at least one publication that employs or investigates FCT.


  • In 2005-2007, the project was supported by the junior research grant No. B100300502 Formal Theories of Mathematical Structures with Vagueness of the Grant Agency of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic (team members: Petr Cintula, Tomáš Kroupa, Rostislav Horčík, Libor Běhounek).
  • The paper General logical formalism for fuzzy mathematics: methodology and apparatus (by Libor Běhounek and Petr Cintula), which describes the project, has been awarded the Best Paper Award at the 11th IFSA World Congress, Beijing 2005.
  • The paper Interior-based topology in Fuzzy Class Theory (by Libor Běhounek and Tomáš Kroupa) has been awarded the Distinguished Student Paper Award at the 5th Conference of EUSFLAT, Ostrava 2007.


Full papers