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Pilar Dellunde
Lluis Godo
Enrico Marchioni
Title: Editing Exploring Extensions of Possibilistic Logic over Gödel Logic
Journal: Lecture Notes in Computer Science
Volume 5590
Pages: 923-934
Year: 2009


In this paper we present completeness results of several fuzzy logics trying to capture different notions of necessity (in the sense of Possibility theory) for Gödel logic formulas. In a first attempt, based on different characterizations of necessity measures on fuzzy sets, a group of logics, with Kripke style semantics, are built over a restricted language, indeed a two level language composed of non-modal and modal formulas, the latter moreover not allowing for nested applications of the modal operator N. Besides, a full fuzzy modal logic for graded necessity over Gödel logic is also introduced together with an algebraic semantics, the class of NG-algebras.