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Dear Colleagues, Thanks cnoguera for his suggestion, because it is my first using this platform, I had repeatedly published the same information, please delete redundancy.

With help of professor Avron, I have realized that my paper titled by “Density elimination for IUL” has major errors. Thanks professor Avron for his earnest help. Your sincerely, Wang San-min

The following is the letter from professor Avron:

Usually the mistake is in any induction step in which a hypersequent G|s is derived by some rule from the premises G|s_1, ... , G|s_n and one forgets the possibility that the sequent s is one of the members of the set G (alternatively, if one wants to assume that s is not an element of G, then one should take into account the possibility that the premises have the form G|s|s_i, not just G|s_i).

About your first contributions to the site

Dear SanMin, first of all I want to thank your for contributing to our site. It is our desire to provide a useful platform for MathFuzzLog members to share information. Nevertheless, as you can observe, I have done some changes to your edits. Let me explain them:

  • Your message to the community has been moved to your user page, since the User talk is intended to be the place where other users can address some message to you (as I am doing right now).
  • Your edit to the category of open problems has been reverted. The reason is that, according also to usual practice in wiki pages, category pages should include just the list of articles indexed in the corresponding category.

I suggest you to create a new entry with the title of your open problem where you can explain it with at full detail and provide the necessary links and uploaded files. To create a new entry just write its title in the search bar.

Any help you would need, do not hesitate to ask (for instance by writing at my user talk page).

Best regards. --cnoguera 11:28, 7 February 2008 (CET)