Towards evaluation games for fuzzy logics

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Petr Cintula
Ondrej Majer
Title of the chapter: Towards evaluation games for fuzzy logics
Title of the book: Logic, Games, and Philosophy: Foundational Perspectives

Ahti-Veikko Pietarinen
Ondrej Majer
Tero Tulenheimo
Year: 2008


The article provides two kinds of game-theoretical semantics for fuzzy logics with special attention to Lukasiewicz logic. The first one is a generalization of the evaluation games for classical logic. It is shown that it provides an interesting contribution to the model theory of fuzzy logics as, unlike the standard semantics, it can deal with the so-called non-safe models. The second kind of semantics makes explicit the intuition about fuzzy logics as logics of partial truth and provides a semantics in the form of a bargaining game. Finally, a basic kind of logic of information independence of a Hintikka-Sandu style is introduced.


Game-theoretic semantics, Evaluation games, Fuzzy logic, Lukasiewicz logic.