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  1. A Characterization of Fuzzy Implications Generated by Generalized Quantifiers
  2. A Complete Many-Valued Logic with Product-Conjunction
  3. A Development of Set Theory in Fuzzy Logic
  4. A Non-Arithmetical Gödel Logic
  5. A Note on Functions Associated with Godel Formulas
  6. A Note on the Notion of Truth in Fuzzy Logic
  7. A Strong Completeness Theorem for the Gentzen systems associated with finite algebras
  8. A fuzzy Modal Logic for Belief Functions
  9. A logical Approach to Case-Based Reasoning Using Fuzzy Similarity Relations
  10. A logical approach to fuzzy truth hedges
  11. A logical approach to interpolation based on similarity relations
  12. A modal account of similarity-based reasoning
  13. A new theory consistency index based on deduction theorems in several logic systems
  14. A note on the first-order logic of complete BL-Chains
  15. A note to the definition of the LP-algebras
  16. A temporal semantics for Basic Logic
  17. A temporal semantics for Nilpotent Minimum logic
  18. About axiomatic systems of product fuzzy logic
  19. Abstract Algebraic Logic - An Introductory Chapter
  20. Abstract Algebraic Logic - An Introductory Textbook
  21. Advances in the LP and LP1/2 logics
  22. Algebraic and Proof-Theoretic Aspects of Non-Classical Logics
  23. Alternative Proof of Standard Completeness Theorem for MTL
  24. An abstract algebraic logic view of some mutiple-valued logics
  25. An alternative approach to the LP logic
  26. Analytic calculi for logics of ordinal multiples of standard t-norms
  27. Approximate reasoning and similarity
  28. Arithmetical Complexity of Fuzzy Predicate Logics - A Survey
  29. Arithmetical complexity of first-order predicate fuzzy logics over distinguished semantics
  30. Axiomatic Extensions of IMT3 Logic
  31. BL algebras and effect algebras
  32. BL algebras and quantum structures
  33. Basic Fuzzy Logic and BL-Algebras II
  34. Basic Fuzzy Logic is the logic of continuous t-norms and their residua
  35. Belnap's four-valued logic and De Morgan lattices
  36. Boolean algebras with an automorphism group: a framework for Łukasiewicz logic
  37. Boolean fuzzy logic and generalized capacities
  38. Bounded BCK-algebras and their generated variety
  39. Bruno Teheux
  40. Characterizations of maximal consistent theories in the formal deductive system (NM-logic) and Cantor space
  41. Compactness of fuzzy logics
  42. Complexity issues in Basic Logic
  43. Complexity issues in axiomatic extensions of Lukasiewicz logic
  44. Complexity of Fuzzy Probability Logic
  45. Complexity of Fuzzy Probability Logics II
  46. Complexity of MTL
  47. Complexity of t-tautologies
  48. Computational Complexity of t-norm based Propositional Fuzzy Logics with Rational Truth Constants
  49. Consequence and degrees of truth in many-valued logic
  50. Consistency degrees of theories and methods of graded reasoning in n-valued R0-logic (NM-logic)

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